DIAHANNA DAVIDSON is an accomplished stage actress and on-camera talent.  Favorite roles below. CONTACT:   dd@diahanna.com    408-771-1576


Livermore Ford     Wife     Media 360

Dignity Home Health     Nurse    Highland Films, David Brick

Silicon Valley     Venture Capitalist     HBO, Brett Dos Santos

Science Can Change the World     Investor     MikeTeeVee, Hugo Keijzer

Salesforce Tower     CEO     steelblue, LLC, Erik Altman

Cheer up, Sam     Mom     Spartan Film Studios, Matt Falkenthal


Susan     Woman in Mind     Jewel Theatre, Julie James

Lois Coleman     Wonder of the World     Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Dale Albright

Elvira     Blithe Spirit     Jewel Theatre, Julie James

Emma     Betrayal     Only Connect, Jenny Hollingworth

Barbara Fordham     August:  Osage County     City Lights Theater Company, Virginia Drake

Mother     The Pillowman     San Jose Stage Company, Rick Singleton

Mrs. Hale     The White House Murder Case     San Jose Stage Company, Ray Garrett

Kate     Sylvia     Jewel Theatre, Diana Torres-Koss



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